letters to my son . april 2014

Dear E,

Ever since you can play with toys people always commented on how serious and focused you are. You could sit down and play with one toy for a long long time. It might be your busy ball drop, musical turtle, little people, duplo set, train set, or puzzle. You being my first born I have no one to compare you with and I thought that it was just something every little baby would do. As you get older I realize that you really are special. Whenever we take you places, the playground, the museum, whenever you interact with other kids your age we can see how you have a longer attention span. Other kids would move one to other things and you would just stay in one spot playing the same thing over and over.

Although I love this little trait of yours it has become a little problematic lately. When we ask you to stop what you’re doing and get ready to leave you always say no. We’ve been trying to give you plenty of reminders that we are leaving soon but still a lot of times we have to carry you out crying. The same thing happened when I took you to meet some friends and see the Spring bloom this past weekend.

We’ve started working on potty training. It seems like you understand what you are supposed to do. You always tell me in time that you need to go potty and so far you’ve never have any accident. However you are still insisting on putting a diaper on before we leave the house. You love to flush the toilet. You flush the toilet for yourself, your daddy and me and get very upset when we forget to ask you and do it ourselves.

I hope your focus and attention span will be an asset for you as you get older and start school.

Love always,


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I love these photos and reading more about your little guy! He sounds very special. :)

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