letters to my son . september 2013

Dear E,

Last month was an exciting month for us. You got to meet your cousin for the first time. Your aunt and uncle travelled all the way from Indonesia to surprise us with a visit and they stayed with us for a whole month. You were so happy to have someone to play with every day. You did all kinds of mischiefs together and you became braver with him here because you wanted to copy him.

His visit encouraged you to talk. 3 days before your daddy’s birthday you finally learned to say “dada”. It was the best birthday present for him. You also started to string words together. You can say blue car, yellow boat, black doggie and so much more. You can even say: “mama, put shoes on”

You insist on doing everything yourself. You don’t want us to hold your hands climbing up and down the car, you want to click the safety straps on your carseat and high chair yourself and you want to put on your clothes yourself.

One thing that we realized more when your cousin was here is that you have an amazing ability to focus. You can play with one toy for a long long time. You also love to draw. Your favorite is to draw circles. You can draw pages and pages of circles, alternating between your right and left hand.

Hopefully we will get to see him again sometime soon.



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  1. Tricia E. says:

    Oh, Veronica, how beautiful!!! I know what you mean about your little guy wanting to everything himself these days! I always love your images, and I adore the ones you’ve collected here for his letter. :) The first and last are my favorites… :)

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