letters to my son . january 2014

My Sweet Boy,

I haven’t wrote to you since your second birthday and boy oh boy what a difference you made in those 3 months. You are such a good talker and singer now. You just can’t stop singing. You asked to watch the Rose Parade on TV tonight so I put in on and watched it with you. You started singing and I explained to you that we won’t be able to hear the marching band but you just kept on going. That’s okay with me since I’d rather hear your sweet voice anyway.

Last month was your third Christmas. You still don’t understand what it means and you did not want to come downstairs. When you finally came downstairs you saw the train table we got you and you just couldn’t stop playing with it. We tried to get you to open more presents but you were not interested. I’m sure that will change by next Christmas!

You are in this phase where all you want to do is stay home. Every time we asked if you want to go somewhere you always say: “Stay home, stay home.” Even when the option is to come with me or stay home with Grandma you would pick to stay home. But whenever we take you somewhere you always always have fun and you get very upset when it’s time to go.

You also became stronger and braver! You learned to jump with both feet off the ground. You can finally pronounced your name right. You used to not like the sand on your feet so I was very surprised that you ran straight to the sand when we took you to the beach last month. You went through the tunnel by yourself instead of asking to be carried. You got better at riding your big wheel. Your cousins taught you how to scrunch your face which you think is very funny. Most importantly you are still my sweet boy who is kind to others.

Love you,



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5 Responses to “letters to my son . january 2014”

  1. Vironica, what a darling son you have! I have a little homebody too, and I secretly love it. That scrunchy face just made my heart melt…thanks for sharing your sweet boy with us! <3

  2. Cynthia says:

    Oh Vironica, that video was so cute!! You can really see he was not interested in anything but the train table. I love your images and the one with his little tongue out is such a classic toddler image. <3

  3. Kristy says:

    Oh I just love reading about E! Your images are amazing as always.

  4. Felicia says:

    V, I love looking at your images but reading your words with them makes it all the better! Excellent composition aside, E’s little personality really shines through and my favourite is his scrunchy face and that determined look when pedalling his trike :).

  5. Mickie says:

    I loved reading more about E! It’s such a fun age! My favorite photo is the scrunched face! I bet he could get away with most anything if he gives you that look :)

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